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​#1 Guaranteed Commercial Refrigeration Repair & Maintenance
With Mechanical Monster, Your Business' Commercial Refrigeration System is Protected and Running featuring our famous 6 Month No Breakdown Guarantee!

A Guarantee We Stand By
Our technicians stand by their high-quality work when repairing and maintaining your commercial refrigeration. 
A six-month no breakdown guarantee on all maintenance and repairs brings you peace of mind so you can run your business efficiently.

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Same Day Service
We know business operations can not be interrupted by a refrigeration mechanical breakdown. We can provide a free estimate and services all in the same appointment. Mechanical Monster is happy to leap to your aid 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

First Class Care
Our commercial refrigeration maintenance is second to none. We bypass the problems that can occur, like frost build-up or moisture problems, by keeping your system in good working shape with regular high-quality maintenance.

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Mechanical Monster Service Techs And Trucks

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Mechanical Monster Service Trucks

Mechanical Monster Service Trucks

Mechanical Monster Service Truck

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Mechanical Monster Service Techs

Jeff, Our Founder!

How it Works

Step One: Contact Us - Call us today at (267) 388-0946 to schedule one of our experienced technicians to take a look at your commercial refrigeration system.

Step Two: Free Estimate - We can usually provide you with an estimate on the same scheduled inspection appointment.

Step Three: Repair and Maintenance - We receive estimate approval. Then we get to work with our top-notch experience and skills.

And when we're done, you can experience peace of mind with our six-month no breakdown guarantee!

Contact us today at (267) 388-0946 to see how we can help!

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We Provide Services 24/7!


A set of service only for you. Save time and money with installation service.


If you need quick repair, we offer it for homeowners and all commercial customers.


Quick and regular servicing guarantees means a long use.


With routine professional maintenance you can expect lower cooling costs.


We are certified to work on a variety of refrigeration systems in commercial properties.


We recommend scheduling preventive maintenance calls to clean your system.

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What Is the Typical Repair or Maintenance Cost?
We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate after a thorough inspection of your system is performed.

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Meet Our Team

Jeff C

Jeff C.

Our firm has workers with many qualities. Very helpful and passionate about their profession, our customers and the company.

Victor Mariano

Victor M.
Installation Manager

Problem solving skills motivated and take challenges with minimal direction also adaptable.

Nolan Lee

Nolan L.
Lead Installer

The ability to react quickly to work and get with his colleagues. 

Chris Cannon

Chris C.

Field Tech

Loves people, communicates clearly and effectively. 

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